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Tips for Maintaining Your Decks During Summer

It is once again time to welcome spring now that winter has already passed. With your well-installed composite decks, nothing can hinder you from enjoying the beautiful view outside. Now because there is snow covering your decks, every little problem is going to be exposed. Once you notice any faulty with your decks, it is right that you do the sprucing early enough. You have the best deck maintenance hacks for you to use this summer.

The first step you need to follow is clean your decks. Any debris that leaves dirt on your decks needs to be swept away. You can spray the decks down with a hose after you are done with sweeping. That wooden plank and requires you to scrub them thoroughly. However, it could be that you do not want to scrub but rather power wash. If that is your case, then avoiding high pressure is the advice you really need. High-pressure might seem to do fast cleaning but the results are damages on your decks which is avoidable.

The second step should be on removing any defective nails. After washing that is when you can see any defective nails. Maintenance needs to be done after you have witnessed any defective nails. This maintenance does not have to call for an expert’s attention because you can simply use a hammer to place them in their places. Nails should not be popping out after they are fixed and if you notice any, just use screws instead. No one has all the time for nailing those stubborn nails after a few months.

The third task needs to be removing damaged wood. If you want to get effective results, then you need to replace the split and rotting wood with new ones. You would be embarrassed when your visitors splint after you ignore those splitting wood on your decks by not fixing them. Again, splinters is nothing to joke with especially now it could cause injuries. Thus, it is only right if you fix the issue before serious injuries are caused. Removing the infected boards caused by wood rot is advisable.

The last but not least step is on painting, or sealing, staining your decks. Everyone likes the finish they get after they are through with the task of staining their decks. If you need your decks to be protected from both water and sun, then you cannot afford to miss the staining process. In fact, you need to be redoing staining for your decks after every 3-4years. The patio builders share these tips with a reason because they want to keep your decks looking new all the time.

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