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Details of the Origin of the Song ‘Glory-Glory Tottenham Hotspur’

In different sports like football, you will realize that the fans and players are creative enough and the come up with different methods which they use when cheering the team so that they can perform better. You will find that almost every football club could be having their strategy for making sure that they do this successfully. For example, you will realize it was the Tottenham Spurs football club that initiated the song ‘Glory-Glory Tottenham Hotspur’ then later the other clubs also modified the song to suit their teams. By going through this particular site, you will be in a better position to understand the origin of the song ‘Glory-Glory Tottenham Hotspur’ and how it was in the beginning so that you cannot have any doubts.

There was a civil war in America and here is where the song originated from. The song was being played during the times of that civil war, and when it came in 1962, there was a monthly Atlantic of February, this particular song was published for the very first time. The song was first composed by a certain activist who was recognized as Julia Ward Howe. The activist was paid 4 dollars for composing this particular song in the form of a poem. There is someone Else who also contributed to the song apart from Julia Ward Howe. The activist Julia Ward Howe just adopted this tune after it had been composed by the one and only William Steffe back in the year 1856.

As opposed to what the song is used for today when Julia Ward Howe first composed it to help people glorify the coming of the lord. Apart from the poem having used languages that are martial, you will realize that it had an outstanding verse and that was ‘glory glory hallelujah’. The song that is used today in football clubs before and after matches if very different from the song that was there at first. In the ‘Glory-Glory Tottenham Hotspur’ song, there are no tones of religion in it completely like it was in the beginning.

The Spurs as a club first used the song in the year 1960 after they had managed to stop the Wolves team from registering a double win. This was after the team had been announced as the winners of the FA cup. At that time when this song was first used in football, it was known to be the song that was in jest.

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